A joint Israeli-Palestinian peace-building conference in a West Bank hotel has been broken up by Palestinians who threw rocks and broke windows, forcing three dozen Israeli activists to be rushed to safety.

The Israelis were taking part in mock peace talks in the City Inn Hotel in Ramallah with fellow Palestinian activists when about 40 angry protesters showed up outside the hotel and attempted to enter the venue.

Having found the doors locked, the Palestinian group started throwing stones breaking several windows and glass doors.

"We came at 9am. After two hours, people started coming from the street to demonstrate against the talks. They called to boycott Israel," Tamara Bercovich of Minds of Peace, organiser of the event, told IBTimes UK.

Bercovich said that a Palestinian activist went out and tried to talk to the protesters, but Palestinian police deemed the situation too dangerous and ordered the evacuation of the Israeli peace activists.

The protesters said they were against the normalisation of Israeli-Palestinian relations and fear that Palestinian authorities will give in to Israeli demands.

The purpose of the event, on the sidelines of a difficult five-month attempt by US secretary of state John Kerry to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, was to produce a peace agreement in five sessions over two days, according to AP.

In Thursday's first gathering, about 35 Israelis and 50 Palestinians took part. Israeli and Palestinian flags were set up in the hotel conference's room.

The activists said they will carry on with the second day of congress in East Jerusalem on 10 Friday.