Fancy a flutter and want odds on Donald Trump to be assassinated? Well, you won't get them.

Around the time of Trump's inauguration as US president, there was a spike in searches for odds on his assassination. Some punters were even asking bookmakers on Twitter for odds on Trump to be killed before the end of his term.

But they didn't get any odds. Most were ignored, some got replies say they do not offer odds on things like that. The Betfair account flat out told one guy "no" when he asked for odds on Trump to be assassinated at his inauguration. So why can't you get them?

It's obvious, really: would you want to be the bookmaker known for offering odds on someone being murdered? It doesn't matter who it is, or how unpopular they are, it's pretty appalling taste.

And it would be terrible marketing. Even for a bookie that courts controversy like Paddy Power, known for its close-to-the-bone adverts, creating a betting market on someone's death would be way too far.

"Even bookmakers have parameters of good taste," said Graham Sharpe, spokesman for William Hill. "Such a market would breach them. I cannot imagine why anyone would ever imagine we would accept such a bet."

But there are many less morbid ways you can bet on an early end to Trump's presidency. Betfair has a market on the year Trump will exit the White House. Ladbrokes has Trump at evens to leave office via impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term.

William Hill has it at 5/1 Trump will be impeached in his first term. Paddy Power has Trump to be impeached in his first term at 3/1, and 7/4 to not complete his first term in office.