It has been revealed by the Daily Express that MP's want to question former editor of the News of the World Piers Morgan in relation to allegations that Morgan while editor of the News of the World hacked Ulrika Jonsson's mobile phone to expose her affair with then England international manager Sven Goran Eriksson.

The former tabloid newspaper editor has been pulled into the hacking scandal after an influential political blog site linked him with the phone hacking scandal. Paul Staines, who writes for Guido Fawkes, drew attention to comments made in Piers Morgan's book 'The Insider' which has a version of his diaries.

In it, Mr Morgan says the "little trick" of entering a "standard four digit code" allowed "anyone" to call a number and "hear all your messages". After Mr Staines highlighted the comments, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs demanded he be questioned during the independent inquiry. Aidan Burley, Tory MP for Cannock Chase, said: "Piers Morgan should be called to the phone-hacking inquiry to face questions on oath."

According to the Daily Express, Nigel Adams MP and Douglas Carswell MP have used blogging web site Guido Fawkes to pressure Morgan and to explain how the newspaper uncovered the affair between Ulrika Jonsson and Sven Goran Eriksson. It has been alleged that the newspaper hacked Jonsson's mobile phone to uncover details of the affair.

The Daily Mirror has denied the claim, with publisher Trinity Mirror saying: 'Trinity Mirror's position is clear. Our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.' Authorities are calling for Piers Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror and the News of the World to reveal what he knows about the tabloid media's phone hacking policies in light of posts made by Staines.

The Daily Express says Morgan declined to comment.