Christopher Nolan
An untitled film by director Christopher Nolan is expected to be released in 2017 Reuters

We all know that critically acclaimed film-maker Christopher Nolan's next film is scheduled for a summer 2017 release. The fact that the studio has decided to release the film just a week before Marvel's eagerly-awaited Spider-Man reboot indicates that they are pretty confident about the film's chances at the box office — of course, the fact that Nolan's films generally turn out to be big box office hits is a reassuring factor.

Apart from the release date, not much was disclosed about this very hush-hush Nolan project, but thanks to a recent article from the French press, we have an idea as to what the master film-maker is working on next.

According to the article, which was translated by The Playlist, Nolan's next film will be quite a departure from the usual sci-fi subjects that the director is known to handle. The film will reportedly be about the evacuation of Dunkirk, the May-June 1940 operation that secured as many Allied forces as possible.

The evacuation was triggered by Nazi attacks against the Netherlands and the French port, home to Allied operations. The lives of hundreds of thousands of Allied troops were saved in this event, and it would be interesting to see how Nolan tackles World War II era history in his trademark style.

However, it's important to note that these are just rumours at the moment as nothing about the film has been officially revealed yet. But what adds weight to these rumours is that the mayor of Dunkirk recently mentioned their part in a major motion picture shoot next summer, with a "world famous director" at the helm, according to Cinemablend.

Nolan's untitled film is slated for release on 21 July 2017.