Pokémon Go is a game that has grabbed eyeballs in the past, but the hype seems to have died down. The game is now being reinvented in the form of an online league where players can play with strangers.

The earlier model was of a single-player game in which, people had to explore spaces to capture Pokémon.

"Are you a ‪#GOBattle champion among your group of friends, Trainer? How about compared to the rest of the world? The time to prove yourself is coming. GO Battle League Coming soon in early 2020," the company stated in a Twitter post.

Niantic, the parent company of Pokémon Go, has announced the Go Battle league, which will pit a player against random players from around the world.

It builds upon Trainer Battles that were available in the regular game. However, you could only play people in your ultra or best friends in the game. The online Go Battle League pits a player with players from all over the world using an online matching system.

The players will have to keep on walking in order to collect credits in the game. The player vs player system will also break down Pokémon into different categories based on their CP. Players will have to carefully coordinate which Pokémon to power up, and which to leave at certain levels to make the tier cut-offs.

However, Niantic hasn't revealed all the features of the game including the player vs player mechanics, but has stated that trainers will be able to just walk in and gain entry. More details are expected to be revealed early next year.

The company has stated that it will share more details in a video soon. In the meantime, it will release Pokémon Sword and Switch on the Nintendo Switch on Friday, November 15.

Pokemon Go Community Day Bulbasaur
Artwork for the next Pokémon Go Community Day. Niantic