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A married couple in the US have been charged for breaching obscenity laws after filming themselves having sex in public and uploading the footage to PornHub.

Elizabeth Jernigan, 33, and Rex Jernigan, 35, came to the attention of a Louisiana police force after it received a "report of lewd activity that occurred within a public library" located in the city of Houma.

The subsequent investigation led police to the couple's PornHub page. The account contains over 160 adult videos, The Smoking Gun reports.

The police also claim that the couple's PornHub page, which has over 4,000 subscribers and video view counts reaching into the millions, shows the pair engaging in sex acts "in various other businesses throughout the City of Houma and Terrebonne Parish."

These include videos in which Elizabeth Jernigan is seen masturbating inside a Burger King restaurant and a Walmart shopping centre.

The video filmed in the library shows both Rex and Elizabeth, who operate on PornHub under the pseudonyms "Sexybeast82" and "LaylaDevine", engaging in oral sex acts in front of a magazine rack.

Following their release on bail, Jernigan wrote: "To all my friends and follwers[sic],the wife and i just recently bailed out of jail for our public videos we posted on pornhub, hopefully soon we'll get to post a new video soon."

The arrest follows a similar recent case in which another married couple was charged nine felonies for performing sex acts in restaurants, retail stores, nature trails and a forest park playground, and selling the footage via social media.