The Pound has gained despite falling for the most part of Thursday, Friday last week on hung parliament reactions after Liberal Democrats agreed to speak with the Conservative party on running a 'good, stable' country.

The pound rose against the dollar, but fell against the euro which was strong on Euro measures to stop the Greek crisis spreading.

It fell to 1.14 against the Euro but stablised at 1.4874 on the Dollar - a cent higher than last week after election results showed a party lacking any clear majority.

Further uncertainties, which could delay Parliament declaring its Prime Minister could see both the Pound and the market hit with the concern a hung parliament will not be able to reduce Britain's budget deficit.

However, despite gaining, the Pound was weak against the Euro which gained against all currencies as eleventh hour talks saw measures introduced to prevent the Greek financial crisis spreading to other countries.

On Sunday, European Union finance ministers brokered a 500bn euro ($649bn; £436bn) emergency loan deal.

Under the terms of the deal, the 16 members of the eurozone will have access to 440bn euros of loan guarantees and 60bn euros of emergency European Commission funding.

In addition, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will also contribute up to 250bn euros.