The Conservative Party's Autumn conference in Birmingham ends today and Prime Minister David Cameron will wrap up proceedings with another deeply personal speech. Has he taken a few tips from Ed Miliband's performance at the Labour Conference last week, perhaps?? Anyway, as well as mentioning his childhood and the death of his disabled son, Ivan, he'll get tough with the party faithful and the public about our economy.

Cameron'll pull no punches about the hill we've got to climb to get us back to stability. With the IMF pointing the finger at Britain recently - slashing our growth forecast and saying that the Bank of England's monetary policy to try and boost growth hasn't fared that well of late - 'it's 'sink or swim' time he'll say. Meaning the government will be sticking to the tough austerity measures already laid out, because it feels they are the only way to get the country out of decline. In extracts released from his speech he says 'Unless we act, unless we take difficult, painful decisions, unless we show determination and imagination, Britain may not be in the future what it has been in the past'

And he'll also take a side swipe at Labour, saying the Tories are for everyone in Britain: "north or south, black or white, straight or gay."

Written and presented by Marverine Cole