• Priti Patel is set to return to the UK after news broke that the MP had "secret meetings".
  • Labour says Patel has "misled the British public".

News broke on Monday (6 November) that Priti Patel, the Conservative MP for Witham, had organised secret meetings with Israeli officials in August, while she was purportedly there on holiday. The MP has since apologised for not following proper ministerial procedures.

It was then alleged on Tuesday that Patel hadn't been honest about additional meetings with Israelis in September, and had further misled the Home Office. However, The Jewish Chronicle has cast doubt over that narrative by reporting that Patel was ordered by Number 10 to not disclose the meetings to avoid further embarrassment.

What is known, is that Patel looked into giving tax-payers' money to the Israeli military in order to treat wounded Syrian refugees in the Golan Heights region. This was after the idea had been turned down earlier this year by officials who had deemed it inappropriate.

Now many media outlets are speculating that her sacking is imminent; the only debate is when as she's currently on a flight back from Uganda according to multiple sources.

On that note, Twitter users have also been chiming in and Priti Patel is trending on Twitter.

One of the funnier elements of the debate is the ongoing speculation as to which flight she's gotten on and when she'll land. Most suspect her job termination will be shortly after meaning there's a scramble to be the first to find out when it happens.

And then there's the more humorous takes on the political fiasco which mostly are jokes on it being a 'holiday'.

Finally, the incident has brought out internet sleuths and their concern for the MP's ability to keep up to speed.

Whatever will happen when Patel lands, the situation is a clear test of May's government. While a lot of us might be making light of the situation, we're simultaneously watching what happens next.

Conservative Party Conference 2016
Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development, delivers a speech about Brexit on the first day of the Conservative Party conference Matt Cardy/Getty Images