While certain buildings marking the skyline of metropolitan cities may unintentionally resemble a penis (Gherkin, London, People's Daily Building, Beijing), here's something no other country has ever done for the womenfolk:

The largely conservative Gulf emirate, which is fast building sophisticated stadiums for the 2022 football worldcup, has designed what appears to be a giant ode to a vagina.

Shockingly, this is not what the architects of the Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium intended. Instead, the design is supposed to resemble the sails of a dhow boat which is traditionally used for pearl fishing by Qataris.

According to a report in The Independent, Aecom, the firm that won the Al Wakrah contract along with Zaha Hadid architects said: "Inspired by the dhow boat that carried generations of local fishermen and pearl divers, the stadium weaves together Qatar's past with its progressive vision for the future."

Progressive indeed, this amusing and accidental architectural design has already gone viral over the internet and while some cannot stop commenting on the stadium design's resemblance to female genital organ, there are others who feel that the building "represents something of a surreal, if frivolous, victory for feminists and women in Qatar, considering the struggles the female sex have experienced in the Gulf state", states The Huffington Post.

Holly Baxter, in a report for The Guardian says, "The Qatari stadium's resemblance to a woman's private parts may be unintentional, but I for one applaud it. Perhaps the bigwigs behind the design (no doubt all male) should embrace this so-called faux pas and rebrand it as a deliberate nod towards the increasingly liberal Qatari policies concerning women in sport. In a world where sport and vaginas very rarely come together with such prominence (see every UK female footballer's salary versus every UK male footballer's salary), this can only be a good thing."

Hassan al-Thawadi, the general secretary of Qatar's 2022 committee said: "Al-Wakrah is the first of six stadiums already in the latter stages of the design process, our committee has issued 10 major tenders to the market encompassing project and design managers and stadium-operation consultants," as reported in The Independent.

Here's a video of the stadium design: