Harry Styles
The singer shared this controversial image on Twitter Twitter

One Direction star Harry Styles is at the centre of a racism row after posting an image of himself in a Native American headdress.

The 20-year-old singer provoked a backlash when he shared the image on Twitter and Instagram, with some fans branding it offensive.

Criticism was spearheaded by a popular Twitter account, @1DUpdates, which has almost 800,000 followers.

Some supporters accused the account, run by @sharon__scottm @tiffanyytao, @kristyleaa and @sydneyanne_x, of portraying Taylor Swift's former lover in a negative light.

"Maybe he just liked the way it looked on his head," a user by the name of Annie hit back.

As the debate boiled over on social media, the account continued to defend its stance and insisted that Styles was a role model who had a responsibilty to his fans.

Although Styles has not commented on the backlash, he has deleted the image.