Rafael Nadal believes that Roger Federer's feat of 20 Grand Slam titles is not absolutely unattainable for himself or the future generation but it is unlikely that anyone would reach that figure in the years to come. The Swiss ace increased his gap over Nadal to four Grand Slams after his triumph in the Australian Open and Spaniard reveals that this is not something he really ponders much about.

Nadal had to pull out of the quarter-final stage in Melbourne with a hip injury after he realised that he could not carry on against Marin Cilic as the game wore on to five sets. Cilic eventually made his way to the finals where he was defeated by Federer to defend his title which he had also won in 2017 by defeating Nadal in the finals.

Both Federer and Nadal came back from a tumultuous 2016 after missing major parts of the season through injury. In 2017 they scripted a memorable comeback as the duo claimed two Slams each to end the year as the two top-ranked players of the season.

Nadal won the French Open and the US Open, while the Swiss ace took his tally to 19 with the Australian Open and Wimbledon. The duo picked up a total of 13 titles between them and rolled back the years as the new generation failed to have an impact.

Both players are expected to make a return later this month with Nadal participating in the Mexico Open while Federer will try to close the gap on his arch nemesis at the top of the ATP rankings, where the duo are currently separated by 155 points, by appearing in the Dubai Open.

However, Nadal is not too worried about matching Federer's tally of slams and stressed that he is grateful for what he has achieved in his illustrious career than be frustrated at comparing himself to others.

"Unattainable not, unlikely yes. It's not something that worries me, or what I think. I make my way without looking at the one next door and it's something for tennis and for life. You could always be frustrated comparing yourself [to others]. It is not a good philosophy," Nadal told Ultima Hora.

"You have to be satisfied with what you do if you try everything you can. There is always someone with more titles or more things, so I am satisfied with what I do, grateful for what life gives me and happy for the good that happens to others."

Rafael Nadal
Nadal retired in the fifth set of his quarter-final match against Marin Cilic. Getty