Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal said that there is no room in the annual tennis calendar for both the Davis Cup and the newly introduced ATP Cup. He has urged the global tennis administrators to create one "big world team cup competition" instead of organising both of the tournaments.

The ATP cup saw 24 nations and about 120 players competing for a prize that has no history. However, the inaugural competition's popularity gave the organisers hopes of a glorious future. In the end, Serbia clinched the trophy after beating Spain in the final.

After the tournament ended, Nadal spoke to the press. He said, "I think is a great competition, but at the same time is — I can't change my mind that two World Cups in one month is not real. It is not possible. We need to find a way to make a deal [between] the ITF and ATP to create a big world team cup competition, not two world cups [so close together]. That's a confusion for the spectators, and we need to be clear in our sport. For the health of our sport, it is mandatory that we fix it."

The ATP Cup happened just two months after the revamped Davis Cup. This is why Nadal feels that the congested calendar does not have room for multiple team events.

Nadal won all his eight matches in the Davis Cup, which Spain won. However, in the final of the ATP Cup, he lost to Novak Djokovic in the second singles on Sunday night.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal AFP / MARTIN BUREAU Martin Bureau/AFP

Nadal featured in six singles matches during the recently concluded 10-day ATP Cup tournament. He won four of those along with two doubles matches. The Spaniard had to play the group stage in Perth before flying across the continent to play the playoff stages.

The season-opening major; the Australian Open, will start in Melbourne next week. Many experts have raised concerns about the health of the players with two highly engaging tournaments being scheduled back-to-back. However, Nadal rejected such claims.

He mentioned enjoying the time with his team. He also stated that while taking part in the ATP Cup, he wasn't concerned much about the Australian Open.