Elisa, a Finnish internet service provider, claims that it has the fastest 4G mobile internet speed with 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) data download using Huawei's technology. Although in February this year a university research team in Surrey, England, managed to achieve a 5G mobile speed of 1 terabit per second (Tbps), which is more than fifty times faster than Elisa's 4G speed, it was not affiliated with a network provider.

So, just how fast is the network speed achieved by Elisa? Well in practice, if a speed of 1.9 Gbps was to be made fully functional some day you could download a Blu-ray film in less than 45 seconds. However, the record speed was achieved on a test network and is far from being replicated on an actual working public network currently.

"We know there hasn't been a speed this high announced by any other network." said Elisa's chief executive, Veli-Matti Mattila. "Although 5G technology is in the early stages, and soon we will see that tech piloted, with 4G working at faster and faster speeds, it also means we don't need 5G coveragejust yet," he said.

The company also announced a much faster speed premium 1Gbps network in Finland to be operational within the next two to three years. Elisa is in fact not the first telecommunication company planning to offer a 1 Gbps speed on 4G network as Vodafone Germany has aimed to provide the same by the end of 2016.

Faster internet speed has been a main agenda for telecom operators all over the world with virtual reality and augmented reality mediums creating a high-demand for such hyper-fast network speeds.