Remi Garde has revealed players are rejecting the chance to join Aston Villa because of their plight. The Midlands club currently languish at the foot of the Premier League table and Garde, 49, has admitted they are struggling to attract new talent.

Villa signed as many as 13 new players in the summer under former manager Tim Sherwood. But Garde thinks the squad is already in need of a complete overhaul.

"Attracting players in the situation we are in is not an easy task because players are not only attracted by money, as many people think," he said according to Sky Sports. "They also care about the project that we present to them. I have to say that if we had been in a better position, I would probably already have signed at least two players.

"Of course, when a player says 'I would have liked to have worked with you but, I'm sorry, I prefer to wait and see what happens', it is very frustrating. But I can do nothing about that. It is very frustrating but I came into a situation that I knew could be uncomfortable to me for signing players."

The Aston Villa boss admitted the club desperately needs new talent, but said January is not the best time to recruit.

"In the long-term, for sure, the squad needs overhauling but during this transfer window, as I have said, January is not the best time to do things because it is very difficult for many reasons This is not the end of the transfer window and I am working on that," said Garde, who joined Aston Villa in November 2015.

His remarks come shortly after former Aston Villa chairman Sir Doug Ellis admitted the club appears destined for relegation. "It looks a certainty that we are going to get relegated, I can't see us being saved," he told The Mirror.