Hacked floppy disk
Not satisfied with the paltry 1MB storage, a YouTuber has given a floppy disk a 21st century facelift Dr. Moddnstine/YouTube

The retro charm of a floppy disk makes us yearn for the simpler times of computer technology. When dial-up modems squawked, gunk had to be expunged from your ball mouse, and Microsoft's Clippy was constant pest.

One tech head who is clearly finding it hard to move on has decided to bring retro back by combining the quaintness of a floppy disk with the ubermensch powers of today's modern technology.

Posted on Reddit and picked up by Popular Mechanics, YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine takes us through the process of tricking out a 3.5in floppy disk with an SD card to supersize its capacity. One megabyte? Pffft. How about 118GB?

Dr. Moddnstine is in fact using modified disks that have been adapted to take SD cards in place of the traditional magnetic strip, and Popular Mechanics notes that the drive being used in the video has also been adapted to accept the hybrid storage medium. Still, if Dr. Moddnstine can whip us up a Sony Walkman that can also play MP3s, he can take whatever money we can throw at him.