Dying Light Spotlight Edition
Grab 'em before they're gone Techland/Game

How much would you pay for a video game? If your answer is in the range of $0-9,999,999 then Dying Light Spotlight Edition probably isn't the game for you. Appearing on the website of video game retailer Game, Techland's limited-edition version of its 2015 survival horror title is on sale for $10m (£7m) - and that's not a listing glitch.

Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Dying Light: Spotlight Edition will land you a speaking part in the upcoming – but not actually announced – Dying Light movie, during the shooting of which you'll be provided with your own on-set trailer offering "luxury amenities, three-star chef catering and 24/7 service included". But that's not all: Techland will also chuck in professional acting lessons, an off-road driving course (after which you get to keep the car), 10 VIP tickets to screenings of the (unannounced) Dying Light movie and parkour lessons, to name just a few of the ludicrous incentives.

Just to make sure you don't accidently press the "buy" button by mistake, you have to actually contact Techland in order to arrange the purchase and prove that you have at least $10m lying around in your savings account.

Techland is no stranger to extravagant deals: its 2015, £250m ($380m) Dying Light: Apocalypse Collectors Edition came with an actual zombie shelter. Still, we know what you really want to know: do you get a snazzy metal box included in the purchase? Sadly the listing doesn't specify, but at that asking price we wouldn't be surprised if you get a jewel-encrusted disc and complimentary katana chucked into the bundle.