After her world tour in 2011, Rihanna is planning another one... for 2013!

According to the Daily Mail, the singer, who is turning into an actress as well (her debut film, "Battleship", is set to release later this month), announced her plans for the tour to Capital FM.

'We're going to be going on tour next year. So this year we're spending out time planning to make sure it's bigger than anything we've done and something more impactful, maybe something different, so my fans can get excited about it," said the singer.

The announcement precedes speculation the Barbados native has taken a break from her singing career to focus on her fledgling acting career. She is now in Japan, working on "Battleship".

Incidentally, Rihanna is also flaunting a new hairstyle and wardrobe!

She earlier revealed she used to fantasise about aliens and extra-terrestrial life forms when she was a child. Therefore, given that her cinematic debut involves something related to her childhood fantasy, the actress has admitted to being "out-of-the-world" happy.