Singer Paul McCartney
Singer Paul McCartney Reuters

It appears it is now easier to be "killed" by Twitter than by accidents or even natural disasters.

The latest victim in a series of hoaxes targeting celebrities across the world is former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

The trend was apparently started from an account named "Dougie Poynter", who tweeted: "The Beatles, I miss them so much :((((( JOHN LENNON AND GEORGE HARRISON I LOVE YOU. RIP. PAUL MCCARTNEY AND RINGO STARR (awesome name) ily x."

In Poynter's defence, the term "RIP" in the above tweet was probably meant for the Beatles and not McCartney specifically... unfortunately for Beatles fans, the tragic trend caught.

However, just in case you're a little worried, Celebs Gather reports the music legend is perfectly fine.

Check out some of the responses to the tweet:

The Illuminati ‏ @ThelIluminati "RIP Paul McCartney is trending and he isn't really dead, but The Twitter won't allow any #RIPTrayvonMartin trending topics?"

Andrew Hunt ‏ @Mr_AndrewHunt "It's kind of neat that RIP Paul McCartney is trending. Real Beatles fans know why this is nothing new."

Beatles Facts ‏ @FabFourFacts "So disgusted that "RIP Paul McCartney" is trending. Grow up, people."

Courtney ‏ @Courtney413_"Paul McCartney is very much alive whoever started RIP Paul McCartney is an idiot"

RealJBeatz ‏ @RealJBeatz "RIP Paul McCartney, apparently this is a joke because it's NOT all over the news. Twitter needs to stop killing people, unless it's Bieber!"

ahhitsbailey ‏ @ahhitsbailey "Saw "RIP Paul McCartney" trending.. My heart literally stopped beating for 5 seconds. Don't scare me like that, twidiots!"

Hanna Mellark~ ‏ @hannapj "RIP Paul McCartney almost got a heart attack for this."

Other Twitter death hoaxes in the recent past include Rihanna, Demi Moore, Adele, Eddie Murphy and a few more.