Robert Pattinson (R) and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson (R) and Kristen Stewart Reuters

Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen have been inseparable since the 26-year-old actor returned from Australia and now the couple are planning to spend summer on a European road trip.

According to the report in Sun, the couple will be "snubbing five-star luxury to head off in their hired camper van with friends."

"Rob has been planning the trip for a while," a source said, "Before they got back together he intended to go to Italy, France and Germany if time allows. They will have a group of friends on the same trip - and they have asked their mutual pal Katy Perry to meet up along the way. She has been there for both of them during difficult times."

Just after Pattinson returned from filming The Rover, he reunited with Stewart and went for a intimate date at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Angeles.

The two, who are officially living together again, were recently spotted taking an evening stroll through the streets of Loz Feliz in Los Angeles. Both were dressed down for the late night outing in jeans, grey hoodies and trainers and picked up some snacks from a corner shop.

"They love each other quite a lot because they can be real to each other around each other," an insider told Hollywood Life, "They have major trust with each other. They also don't like how they can't really go out all the time and do regular things so that has really made them homebodies and house partiers for the most part. But instead of being hermits they try to hit the town on dates occasionally, but they think their fame has made them boring people for their age."

The couple broke up briefly last year after it was confirmed that Stewart had cheated on her boyfriend with British director Rupert Sanders. The couple were reunited for the promotion of the final premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, the hugely successful vampire-themed fantasy film franchise.