The unprecedented events of 2020, which saw a global pandemic shutter businesses worldwide, has left almost every industry struggling to regain glory. 2021 is proving to be a crucial year for enterprises to assert themselves and make a serious impact within their industry. The question is, what can you do to truly dominate your industry? To answer this question, we reached out to Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo, two leading entrepreneurs within their industries.

Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo
Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo

Serial entrepreneur Robin Janssens has asserted himself in several different areas of business. From marketing to accounting, he has sought to revolutionize each industry that he creates revenue within. Robin Janssens has become known for creating ecosystems that diversify businesses and bring innovation to each company that helps them dominate every area of their industry. With 32 years of experience, real estate coach Adrian Bo has created a notable name for himself within the real estate industry by offering a unique and nuanced view of sales and the psychology behind selling property.

Both Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo agree that 2021 is the year to assert yourself and make sure that you are standing out within your industry. Robin Janssens says, "2020 was not a kind year for any business, and it has made people ruthlessly single-minded and determined to be at the top of their industry. Use this competition to fuel you and help you dedicate yourself to making an impact in your industry." Adrian Bo agrees, adding, "2021 is not the year to sit back and bask in your previous successes. To dominate your industry in 2021, you need to make sure that your business is up to date on every piece of cutting-edge technology being used within your industry."

Networking remains a key to excelling within your industry, with Robin Janssens explaining, "Connecting with those who are sitting at the top of your industry will help you share their view and get an insight into how they got there." Adrian Bo explains that as well as committing to networking, you need to focus on building the perfect personal brand. He says, "2021 needs to be the year that you establish your personal brand. Make sure that you are utilizing every single social media platform from Instagram to TikTok. To build your brand's personality and outlook, you need to give your audience an entity to relate to."

Despite the setbacks that all of us experienced in 2020, both Robin Janssens and Adrian Bo believe that 2021 can still be the year you make an impact and dominate your industry.