The Turkish holiday resort of Antalya has been hit by rockets on 14 October. It is not believed that anyone was injured in the attack on the southern coastal town, CNNTurk reported.

Two rockets were fired at a fishing company's shop in the coastal resort, the Dogan news agency reported. Turkish special forces have been deployed to the area following the attack.

The rockets were fired at the highway from a mountainous area between the city of Antalya and the resort town of Kemer, 47km (29mi) away, according to the agency.

An explosive was also thrown at a gas truck on the road but it did not hit the vehicle, Hurriyet reorted.

It is not known who is responsible for the attacks.

The province of Antalya is a popular holiday resort that attracts millions of foreign visitors a year, though numbers have dropped following a series of terror attacks by Kurdish separatists and Islamic State.

In August, three soldiers were injured in an attack on their military vehicle near Antalya.