Japanese porn star Rola Misaki has denied accusations that she signed a £5m deal with a Chinese businessman to become his personal assistant.

The 22-year-old adult movie star, who also goes by the name of Rola Takizawa, has claimed that the sex slave story is a hoax created by the wealthy Chinese businessman in order to grab public attention, reports Tokyo Reporter.

"The report is completely incorrect," Misaki wrote on her official Sina Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, a few days after the controversial news.

Misaki appeared with the mysterious businessman from the Chinese entertainment industry, who is also popular as the 'diligent older brother,' at an event in Beijing, China, sparking rumours that the adult star will serve as his sex slave.

"It was a publicity stunt," a source told Tokyo Reporter. "He wants to be famous, and he used her name and a false report to do it."

The mystery man himself has also admitted that the multi-million deal was 'groundless'.

Previously, there were reports that the former adult video starlet had signed a 15-year "monopoly" deal with a wealthy Chinese businessman to be his personal assistant.

The half-Russian half-Japanese adult video star achieved high popularity in China and was often compared to another former adult actress, Sola Aoi.

At present, Rola Takizawa is a staff member at a high-end "delivery health" out-call establishment in Tokyo.