Ronan Keating of Boyzone fame is planning to shift permanently to Australia after his 14-year marriage with wife Yvonne ended. Keating is the judge for the Australian version of the "X-Factor" series and has, for a few years now, been shuttling between his houses in Ireland and Sydney.

The couple has three children - Jack, 13; Marie, 11; and Ali, 6. According to the Daily Mail, the marriage ended because of Keating's extramarital affair with dancer Francine Cornell.

Amidst rumours of their separation, Keating confirmed the news on Twitter.

He tweeted to his fans saying: "Sadly our news is true. Thank u all for your support. Yvonne and I still love and care for each other and want to protect our kids. X"

His wife Yvonne also addressed her fans on Twitter saying: " Sadly,our marriage ended late last year. We kept this news private to give everybody involved time to adjust.Thank you for your support x."

Even though the couple apparently tried patching up, Keating's affair, which began in June 2009, threw the marriage into disarray.