Prince Harry, often regarded as the fun royal, is known for his love of music and dance and the royal has demonstrated his skills on the dance floor time and again.

In fact, the 27-year-old younger son of Prince Charles and Diana was described as "acting like a rock star" during the royal wedding of his elder brother Prince William and Kate Middleton when he turned Buckingham Palace into a nightclub for the couple's wedding reception.

The prince has been charming crowds continuously during his Diamond Jubilee tour to represent his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. Throughout the tour, the prince was said to be in his elements as he showcased his perfect dancing moves during his visit to Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil.

In Jamaica, Harry gyrated actively to the tunes of the father of reggae music Bob Marley's One Love. After dancing to the tunes of Marley in Jamaica, the prince then sampled the moves of the famous Samba dance as he touched base in Rio during his trip to Brazil.

The prince's desire to sample the culture and tradition of the places during the Diamond Jubilee tour was evident in his speech.

In Brazil, he made a reference to his father, Prince Charle's legendary moves with a Samba girl.

"Ever since my father told me about a certain dance with a girl called Pina I have wanted to visit. That seems to have stuck in his mind for reason I can' think why. I'm just glad my brother isn't here as he would want to do it (the Samba) and that wouldn't be cool," the prince mentioned during his speech in Brazil.

Catch a glimpse of Prince Harry's royal dance moves in the slideshow: