Brian Barwick
Barwick is thrilled with the success of the Rugby League World Cup.

Rugby Football League chairman Brian Barwick is open to advising Rugby Union World Cup 2015 organisers regarding the staging of the event.

Barwick is currently overseeing the successful staging of the Rugby League World Cup which has experienced a successful first two weeks with unprecedented crowds.

The former Football Association chief feels the success of the tournament is partly a legacy from the London 2012 Olympic Games and after wide media interest and substantial attendances from both advance and gate ticket sales, Barwick wants to lend a helping hand where possible.

"Debbie [Jevans, England Rugby 2015 chief executive] is very generous in terms of her comments about our organisation," Barwick told IBTimes UK.

"I live in Twickenham and I can walk round the corner if they need any help. We will obviously offer any help and support we can."

Jevans, speaking at Nolan Partners Breakfast Club, added: "We've met with Sally Bolton, the general manager of the Rugby League World Cup, on many occasions and we have observed the team there and we're very integrated in that delivery."

Despite being a sport whose roots are traditionally engrained in the north, Barwick has announced that the World Cup semi-final double-header at Wembley Stadium is close to a 75,000 sell-out while matches at Avignon, Rochdale, Warrington and Workington have also proved popular.

"Rugby League is played in every county in the country, but it's played at different levels," added Barwick. "We're always looking to grow the game in the north and the south but quiet obviously it has its roots and very proud roots in the north.

"You've got to be honest. It's a fantastic sport and we are taking it to places that it's never been seen before but we believe in the sport, we believe passionately in the quality. For some it will be one-night of their lives, for others we might get some return trade.

"The legacy for us is attracting new people to the game but who knows how many of them stick. Re-engaging with significant media - we're not the Champions League so we're not on the back page.

"It's great to bring an event here and it's great for our sport. Let's see where it ends up but the signs are positive over how it's gone and how it looks like it will go for the next three weeks."