Wales attack coach Rob Howley tried to play down great expectations for his side after the team climbed to second in the world rankings following their victory of England 26 September, despite problems with injury. Looking ahead to their next game against Fiji on 1 October, Howley said they needed to ensure they dictated the game.

"I think that we'll pick our best side available, I think it's important after the momentum we created on Saturday evening. The last time we played Fiji at the World Cup in 2011, and probably as a game, the conditions slightly favoured us. The roof is closed on Thursday, it's going to be a dry ball, I think Fiji will want to come out and play and it's something which we're very mindful of and it's important that we get structure to the game and it's important that we own the right and terms of the landscape of the game. It's on our terms, not Fiji's terms and that's really key for Thursday," he said.

Howley brushed aside suggestions that the draw had been unkind to the team after having only 4 full days between their matches against England and Fiji. "That's the cards that we're dealt with and we get on with it there's no complaints from us, that'sthe Rugby World Cup schedule and we'll be ready. We've had a couple of days off, we'll be refreshed and ready to go. In the last World Cup in 2011, sides had four days and five days turn around. I think you read yesterday that our boys come back from the cryotherapy chamber about three o'clock in the morning, that's the attitude that our players have got and it's the attitude that we need to show on Thursday night," he added.

England will need to beat Australia on 3 October to keep their chances of avoiding a group stage exit as only two sides can qualify from the group.