Russia Planning to Introduce Dress Code for School Teachers
Russia planning to introduce dress code for school teachers - Reuters Reuters

Russia is planning to crack down on school teachers who dress sexily and also introduce a moral code for them.

Policymakers in the lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, are reportedly concerned that the "unconcealed sexiness" of teachers has a direct impact on their students.

The proposed dress code, once it comes into effect, will bar teachers from wearing miniskirts, tops with deep necklines and excessive make-up.

According to the Russian daily, Izvestia, two separate committees are devising policies pertaining to the dress code.

"Teachers allow themselves to dress with unconcealed sexiness, have side jobs at strip clubs in the time free from lessons, and advertise sexual services on the internet. This is unacceptable given that we are introducing school uniform for children," Yelena Senatorova, a lawmaker with the ruling United Russia party, said.

The dress code is not likely to prescribe uniforms for teachers, but only ban what is perceived as immodesty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had openly supported reintroducing uniforms for school students.

Those who lobby for such measures argue that students will not follow uniform rules if teachers themselves do not abide by them.

The proposed reforms will also require teachers not to pass disrespectful comments at students or be rude to them.

The proposals have sparked criticism from opposition groups. Nikolai Razvorotnev, a Communist Party member who is part of the Duma's education committee, said teachers are mature enough to dress appropriately.

While female teachers may be in for a makeover, it is not clear what sort of rules will be applicable to their male counterparts.