Russia missile
A file photo of a mobile launcher with a Topol-M missile at the Red Square during a military parade in Moscow - Reuters Reuters

Russia has successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

Calling the weapon a "missile defence killer", Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the ICBM is strong enough to penetrate even the latest missile shields of the US.

Speaking at an event, he said: "Neither current nor future American missile defence systems will be able to prevent that missile from hitting a target dead on."

The missile was fired from a mobile launcher, said Russia's defence ministry. It added: "The test launch was a success as the [simulated] warhead hit a designated target within the set time frame. This test launch was intended to confirm technical characteristics of the missile, as well as to check the safety of the launch procedures and equipment."

The news about the latest ICBM, which is believed to have a global strike range, came out late last year. Russia had earlier said the missile would become operational in the near future.

The missile is likely to be put into full use by the end of 2013 and will gradually replace the current Topol-M and Yars missiles.

Russia hopes that the latest missile will give it more strategic clout over the US.

The US missile defence in Europe has been a thorny issue in US-Russia relations over the years. The deployment in the European region, officially to counter any threat from North Korea and Iran, is widely seen as a challenge to Russia.

The US continues to send mixed signals over its missile defence system in Europe. Earlier this year, Washington had announced plans to scale down some of the defence measures in the region, seen as a concession to Russia. US officials did not formally state whether it was a direct move aimed at Russia.