Russian President Vladimir Putin marked his 63rd birthday on 7 October in his favourite Black Sea resort of Sochi by taking part in an ice hockey match.

The Russian leader showed off his skills in an arena used in the 2014 Winter Olympics, personally striking in seven shots. Cheered on by the crowd, his team, which included his defence minister Sergei Shoigu and a clutch of ex-NHL stars, won 15-10. The losing team included old friends of Putin, including some of the wealthiest businessmen in Russia.

The event was the latest of many to show Putin as physically fit and victorious, part of a long-running Kremlin drive to show voters that Putin is the right man to run the country. Clad in an ice hockey uniform in the colours of the Russian flag, Putin was seen smiling and speeding across the ice.

Putin's spokesman said the Russian leader would "modestly" celebrate after the match with his fellow players before probably spending the evening with his friends and loved ones.