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An LGBT protest in Russia [Reuters]. Reuters

A schoolgirl in Russia's Bryansk region has been accused of breaking the country's anti-gay propaganda law to become the first minor to fall foul of the legislation.

An investigation was launched after the girl "openly declared herself to be a person of non-traditional sexual orientation", according to the online news portal

The exact location and name of the girl, who is believed to be aged between 14 and 15, has not been revealed.

She was found guilty of "systematically disseminating information directed at the formation of distorted ideas about social equality among traditional and non-traditional sexual relations", according to the website.

Authorities reportedly dropped the criminal case against the teenager as she did not sexually assault anyone. She will be placed under the supervision of the local juvenile commission.

The Bryansk regional prosecutor's office said it was investigating the case.

"The girl cannot be called to criminal or administrative account for the alleged incident of gay propaganda because she herself is under age," said the office's spokesperson, Valentina Dragina.

The anti-gay propaganda law, introduced in June, bans the promotion of non-traditional relationship to minors.

An upsurge in gay hate crimes has been reported since with nationalist gangs such as Occupy Gerontophilia and Occupy Paedophilia encouraging homophobes to use social media such as VKontakte to lure young gay people into traps and humiliate them on camera with beatings, torture and abuse.

One piece of footage shows youths being forced to drink urine or having it poured over their heads. Another shows young men being mocked with dildos, threatened with axes and forced to carry wooden crucifixes. The clips are posted on the Russian Facebook equivalent.