Former WWE superstar Ryback has said that he almost got into a real fight with The Big Show as he was upset with him for not showing up on time to prepare for a live event triple threat match.

Speaking on the latest episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback said The Big Show promised him to go over their match in detail after their first triple threat fight did not turn out as expected as an effort "was not put into" the fight.

"The next night, me and Miz, in [ring] gear, we're about 15 minutes before bell time. We're the opening match of a live event. No Big Show. Nobody has seen him all day," Ryback, who left the WWE in August 2016, said.

Ryback said The Big Show showed up five minutes before the fight as he was sleeping.

When The Big Show appeared "I was hot and he knew I was hot. And he goes, 'oh, are you f*****g hot?' and he got an attitude with me and so I got an attitude back with him," he said.

"[The Big Show's] fist was all f*****g coiled up and ready to go and I was just watching it like a hawk. But we almost came to blows over a live event," he added.

The two never came to blows as Joey Mercury thawed the situation.

Ryback said they "laughed afterwards and we went out there and everything was fine. And it wasn't that I don't like him. I have very high goals for everything, and me and him, we've had great matches at live events, me and him."

Former WWE superstar Ryback