While Apple's latest iOS 8 iteration brings a plethora of bug fixes, a few issues remain including one that relates to its Safari browser.

A number of users have posted complaints on Apple Support Communities with regards to the the Safari issue, which seemingly does not work after the iOS 8.2 update.

"I installed the iOS 8.2 update and Safari will not work at all. If I tap a bookmark, it just freezes. If I manually enter a search term or a url it doesn't respond at all. I read about some other [not the same] issues with Safari and the common advice was to restore from an iCloud backup, which I have done, to no avail," comments a user in the forum seeking for help.

If your iOS device is also plagued with the same issue after the iOS 8.2 update, check out the potential fixes shared by Redmond Pie to help resolve it.

Clear web data

The first thing you should do in an attempt to deal with the situation is to clear all cache and history data on your iOS device. For this, open the Settings app then navigate to Safari >> Clear History and Website Data >> tap on Clear History and Data.

Reset network settings

If the aforementioned fix fails, then try to reset all network settings on your device. This can be achieved by navigating to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings. Enter the passcode to proceed further.

Restore your iOS device

If none of the methods work, then the problem could be due to corrupt files or settings, while updating to iOS 8.2 via the OTA update. You need to restore your device from iTunes and get started all over again. Here is what you should do if you want to restore your device via iTunes.

  • Download iOS 8.2 for iPhone,iPad or, iPod touch
  • Plug your iOS device to the PC using USB cable
  • Launch iTunes
  • Click on Restore iPhone button while holding down Option key if you are a Mac user or, SHIFT if you are on Windows
  • Select the iOS 8.2 firmware file, downloaded earlier
  • iTunes will perform the rest for you. Within a few minutes your device will boot into iOS 8.2

Chrome browser

If this is indeed a bug with iOS 8.2, then expect Apple to release a fix for this in the future update. Rather than re-installing iOS firmware, you can use an alternative browser like Google Chrome, which is available on iTunes. However, you might miss out on a few features including Handoff and iCloud Tabs.