Among other improvements and fixes, support for Apple watch has been the most significant feature of the recently released iOS 8.2 update.

New in this is the Activity app for viewing fitness data and achievements from Apple Watch (pairing with Apple Watch is required).

The Activity app provides visual snapshots of your daily activity with three rings such as Move, Exercise and Stand.

The Move ring shows how many active calories you have burned, whereas the Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you have completed, and the Stand ring shows how often you stood up to take a break from sitting.

The Activity app is a stock app in iOS 8.2, but it will remain hidden until you connect to Apple Watch, confirms developer Hamza Sood.

So the Fitness app does exist on 8.2, it's just hidden until you connect an Apple Watch

— Hamza Sood (@hamzasood) March 12, 2015

Here's how the Fitness app looks once it's configured from the Apple Watch:

— Hamza Sood (@hamzasood) March 13, 2015

iDownloadblog has shared a guide using which you can unlock the Activity app on iOS 8.2. Also, you do not need to have a jailbroken device to unlock this app on iOS 8.2, and it can be done by adding a couple of plist files.

How to unlock Apple Watch Activity app on iOS 8.2 without jailbreak

Step-1: Download the file containing the two plist files

Step-2: Download and install iBackupBot

Download link: for Mac or, Windows

Step-3: Launch iTunes and create a backup for your device locally via This computer option

Step-4: Launch iBackupBot and load the backup which you just created

Step-5: Go to System Files>> HomeDomain>> Library>> Preferences

Step-6: Click Import and select the from System Files folder, which was downloaded in Step-1

Step-7: Go to User App Files>>>> Library>> Preferences

Step-8: Click Import and select under User App Files folder

Step-9: Exit iBackupBot

Step-10: Open iTunes and click Restore Backup and choose the latest backup

When the device finishes restoring from backup, check the home screen: the Apple Watch Activity app should be present there.

Check out the video walkthrough for unlocking the Activity app.

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