Samoa Joe has been looking to fight the best of the best ever since making his main roster debut following a two-year stint at NXT. Now, The Destroyer has revealed the WWE stars he wants to fight.

Joe did an interview with The Asbury Park Press and was asked who he would like to fight in the near or distant future. "In a lot of ways, I think it would be easier to provide a list of people who I'm not excited to get in the ring and go a round with. I mean, the answer is probably more people than I can list in this certain amount of time," he initially replied.

However, Joe then disclosed his hit list and named the stars he would love to fight.

"(At) the top of that list, obviously, (are) the John Cenas of the world, Randy Orton. Of course, me and AJ (Styles), we've battled for years back and forth, so anything involving him I'm more than compliant with. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, the list really is quite long — and hopefully I'll get to a lot of those places in the coming years."

Joe was also asked what adjustment he had to make to work in the WWE. He said he had to make minor adjustment such as synchronising his performance in the squared circle as the company's production style has always been intricate.

Joe continued, "Having the benefits of being in NXT and seeing the coaching and the experience that a lot of younger guys go through as they make their way up to the main roster, you see a lot of these nuanced things that you really will not deal with anywhere else in the world in any company, not matter what the size. There's definitely a higher premium put on the spectacle aspect of what you see in WWE, so I think those are definitely major adjustments for anybody, no matter where you come from."

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