Samsung Galaxy S 2
Samsung has demanded the Apple's legal team be banned from representing it. Samsung

Just after reports surfaced suggesting that the lawyer responsible for Apple's patents is set to leave the company, it has been revealed that Samsung has requested Apple's legal team be disqualified from representing the iPhone maker.

Reports from Fosspatents have indicated that Samsung justified the request arguing that many of the lawyers representing Apple -- all from the patent specialist Bridges & Mavrakakis law firm -- have at points also represented Samsung.

The company argued that this past connection to it "taints all attorneys at Bridges & Mavrakakis by imputation". Specifically Samsung representatives argued that the lawyer's past connection with it grants them a certain amount of insider information about Samsung, thus leading to a conflict of interest.

"It is inevitable that Samsung's confidential information ... will be used to advance Apple's interests against Samsung in this litigation" wrote Samsung's legal team.

The motion is the latest development in it and Apple's ongoing legal mudslinging match to prove who ripped off whom. The case started earlier this year when Apple sued Samsung claiming its Galaxy series of devices "slavishly" ripped of its iPhone and iPad designs.

Apple is also currently in the middle of a similar legal battle with Desire and Sensation maker HTC. Apple this week issued a fresh complaint to the U.S. International Trade Commission requesting it block all HTC imports to the country.

Apple has not yet commented on Samsung's latest legal manoeuvre.