Google's promised fix to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus' volume drop bug has arrived and works, say recent reports.

The software patch designed to fix the bug appeared Friday and following its release numerous tech sites have issued reports confirming it works. "The Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug has been patched. We've tested the fix, and it works," read CNET UK's report.

The Galaxy Nexus' volume bug was first reported by jilted consumers and critics across Europe almost immediately after the device's launch. Though the official number of devices affected remains unclear, tech sites such as CNET UK reported receiving complaints about the device and reports of the problem have continued to appear on numerous tech forums.

The comments generally reported that at intermittent points the phone suddenly goes silent, meaning users don't get notifications for texts, calls or email. Certain users have also reported the bug occurring mid-phone call, claiming that the device cuts out, meaning that while the phone call is still active they can no longer hear the person on the other end of the line.

Following news of the bug, In a brief statement released Wednesday, a Google representative issued a statement confirming that it was working to fix the bug. "We're currently rolling out a fix for the volume issue which will reach everyone in the coming week," said the Google spokesman.

The news has already led to many critics amending their original review scores to reflect the fact that the device no works. Stay-tuned at the International Business Times UK's own Galaxy Nexus review later in December.