Tech aficionados around the world are touting it as the best smartphone since the Apple iPhone. It's being revealed to the world right here in London tonight so, of course, the guys from our very own International Business Times Tech Team will be there to see the Samsung Galaxy S3 unleashed in all its glory.

There are no official photographs or images available yet but this sci-fi movie-like You Tube trailer has had well over 2.5m hits since it was uploaded just 10 days ago. Looking like a sequence from the latest BBC Doctor Who series, it does its best to make you salivate. And it seems like everything about the phone is going to be ramped up to the Nth degree: it might be sleeker (with maybe even a ceramic case?), it might squeeze in even MORE pixels to enhance the screen quality and we already know it'll be powered by the Exynos 4 Quad chip (ask one of your tech geek mates, they'll know).

Can't help but enjoy the way Samsung has a good time poking fun at all its rivals too!

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