We've been talking about it for yonks and now it's here: what's meant to be the all-singing, all-dancing Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. The South Korean tech firm wasn't messing around on trying to people in. It's opened a pop-up shop in the Westfield Shopping Mall in West London to whip potential buyers up into a frenzy.

The flashy launch included up-and-coming pop boys 'Lawson' strumming their guitars - and getting the usual reaction from an army of school-girl fans. And there was more than enough chance to get their hands on the merchandise – I mean the phones not Lawson, of course.

So people have been pressing, prodding and testing what's being touted as the next best thing since the Apple iPhone:it runs on the Google Android o/s and has a big 4.8 inch screen. And if you're a massive music, Samsung is all set to launch Media Hub to try and rival the likes of iTunes and Spotify.The Hub will let you upload your music collection to The Cloud and listen to tracks on all your Samsung devices.

So who wants one?

One snag though, if you pre-ordered the Pebble Blue one instead of the Natural White then you'll have to wait because there've been delays in making that version!

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