Samsung stole the headlines with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note II. A cross between a phone and a tablet, the follow-up to last year's Galaxy Note features an even bigger 5.5in screen and will run on the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean.

Here's what JK Shin, president and head of IT at Samsung electronics, had to say of the new device.

"I am pretty confident that the Galaxy Note II will surpass the success of the existing Galaxy Note. We will actively collaborate with the mobile operators to launch a Galaxy Note II in October this year. And of course we do our best to have a majority of these great, new and innovative features of the Galaxy Mode II available for our existing Galaxy Note customers."

Whilst the announcement of the Galaxy Note II was expected, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Camera came as a total surprise. The company has bucked the recent trend of putting more and more powerful cameras into smartphones by using a lot of the features of a traditional smartphone in a point-and-shoot camera.

It seems hybrid is the buzzword of this year's IFA, with tablet/laptop crossovers being announced by Samsung, Sony and Dell. Samsung announced three Ativ Windows 8 tablets that can work as either a tablet or a as a laptop when attached to a keyboard dock. Sony announced a convertible ultrabook, the Vaio Duo 11, that allows the screen to slide up to reveal a keyboard underneath.

Sony also announced a device that'll be a little harder for you to get your hands on, a massive 84in 4k-enabled TV, that offers four times the resolution of HD. But don't try and find the space for the screen in your living room just yet, as the TV is likely to be priced at around £20,000.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner