Samsung has launched a new teaser trailer, for its hotly anticipated Galaxy S3 smartphone, which is set to launch in London on 3 May.

Samsung launched a new website featuring a countdown timer over the weekend which ran out at midday today. The website, which crashed as a result of the overwhelming amount of interest in the new phone, then linked to a new teaser trailer for the mysterious new phone.

Samsung has been very secretive about what it is launching on 3 May but rumours and leaks online, suggest the company will launch a new smartphone with a high resolution 4.8in screen, with a super-fast processor and running the latest version of Android.

The teaser trailer gives little away simply telling us that the new device will be somewhere that "truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life."

The final scenes in the trailer show depict a crowd of sheep which is a thinly veiled dig at all iPhone owners out there, a topic which has been at the heart of many recent Samsung adverts.