San Francisco State University is investigating a confrontation between a black woman and a white male student with dreadlocks who she complained appropriated a symbol of her culture. When the man tried to leave the confrontation, the woman grabbed his arm, and he shoved her away.

Police were eventually called to the scene, but no charges were filed. The confrontation was captured on video and posted on YouTube. As the video starts the two can be heard arguing in a hall of the school.

"You're saying that I can't have a hair style because of your culture? Why?" the man asks. "Because it's my culture," she responds.

He points out that dreadlocks are part of Eqyptian culture. "Are you Egyptian?" he asks. She asks him if he is, and he answers: "That's not the point."

"Wait, where's Egypt?" she asks, teasing him. "Tell me" — then repeats the question. He responds: "You know what, girl ... you have no right to tell me what I cannot wear."

As he tries to walk away up a set of stairs, the woman grabs his arm. "Yo, girl, stop touching me right now," he says as he pushes her away. "I don't need your disrespect."

When she pulls him back down the stairs, she says: "You put your hands on me, you're going to learn."

The woman notices someone is filming the confrontation and puts her hand in front of the screen. "Why are you filming this?" she asks. "For everyone's safety," a man can be heard saying.

"San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others," the university said in a statement. "We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable University channels, including our campus student conduct procedures."

The YouTube video identifies the woman as an employee of the university, but officials said neither the man or woman work at the school. The young man is carrying a backpack. The woman has no pocketbook or backpack. She appears to be with a male friend, who witnessed the entire confrontation.