Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party Express rally.
Why the Republican Party Needs Sarah Palin to Run For Nomination REUTERS

Sarah Palin is a formidable force within the Republican Party. Her power base within the party is huge, commanding power from the Tea Party movement, the right of the party as well as the middle ground conservatives. There is no doubt that Sarah Palin has the greatest chance of challenging President Barack Obama in the national election. What Sarah Palin has over Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney is the people of America seem to recognise her. Sarah Palin will be able to canvass both finance and support from across America. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney have had to start their campaigns by telling people who they are. They may be figures in the Republican Party but in a national vote Sarah Palin is the recognised candidate.

Her Positive Identity Score's tie her with Mitt Romney, trailing Michele Bachman but remember Palin has not announced herself as a candidate as of yet. Palin's high 95 per cent name recognition, the highest of any potential candidate, again gives her a significant advantage if she was to decide to run for the Republican nomination. Within the party, she has the highest favourability score. The former Alaskan governor has a score of 25 per cent in the latest two week average, again much higher than any other candidate that has decided to run.

There is no doubt that Michele Bachmann would be Sarah Palin's main opponent if she does decide to run. A recent Mason Dixon Poll has Bachmann's popularity increasing; now lying second behind Mitt Romney. Bachmann needs a strong showing in next February's Iowa caucus 'as she trails President Obama 50-38 per cent, the highest of any candidate that has so far declared the intention to run.

This is very good news for the 2008 vice-Presidential candidate who only trails Bachmann by ten points but without declaring her intention to run. Palin seems to appeal to the Tea Party Movement more than Michele Bachmann. The feeling within the Tea Party Movement is that Bachmann does not have the staying power of Palin.

Sarah Palin can do what no other Republican can do; grab front page news headlines. Her recent Newsweek cover proves her appeal across the nation. The issue for Palin will not be whether she runs for the nomination but whether she can appeal and command the support of middle America. Palin will need to rise like Ronald Reagan but there is no reason why she can't.

The Sarah Palin emails showed that she may not be the liability that the Republicans thought she was two years ago. The former governor of Alaska proved that she had no skeletons in her closet and she was simply a governor hard at work. The Republican Party needs Sarah Palin more than she needs them and she stands the greatest chance of taking them to the White House.

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