File Picture - Saudi Man Marries Student, Teacher, Principal, & Supervisor from the Same School - Reuters Reuters

A Saudi man has married four women from the same school, ranging from a student to headmistress.

While one of his wives is studying at a secondary level, another wife teaches at the same school and yet another is the principal of the institution.

The unnamed 50-year old man has now taken a fourth wife, who happens to supervise the same school in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia.

The teacher-wife had told the daily that she feels "no different" at work than previously, even though she now lives with the other three women.

However, the arrangement has reportedly raised many eyebrows within the institution, and has also become a frequent topic in talks among the students in the school.

It has also evoked responses in cyberspace, with one person writing on social media: "Mashallah God bless you four times... and [bless the] poor student who will be among three teachers both at home and at school."

Another person felt the marriages were legitimate as long as the husband has the financial and sexual ability to take care of all the four wives.