Compared to the previous year, Scarlett Johansson earned $15.5 million more in 2018 after the huge global success of "Avengers Endgame," for which she earned $35 million. Her total income from June last year until June this year was $56 million. Forbes published their annual rankings this Friday, August 23, 2019.

The "Girl with a Pearl Earring" star will be seen again in the spinoff film, "Black Widow," in 2020.

Johansson was joined in the list by newcomers like Elisabeth Moss and Margot Robbie. We can also see returnees like Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon.

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According to Forbes, the top ten highest-paid actresses earned around $314.6 million combined between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019, before fees and taxes.

This is 69% more than the cumulative total of the previous year. "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara is next in line to Johansson, with a gross total of $44.1 million. "Big Little Lies" stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman own the third and fourth spot with $35 million and $34 million respectively. The fifth in line is Jennifer Aniston with $28 million.

Although the amount seems huge, it is really small in comparison to what the top ten highest-earning men were able to pool. Their grand total amounts to $588.3 million for the same period. Johansson's co-star Robert Downey Jr., famously known as "Iron Man," earned $55 million for his role in "Avengers Endgame."

Robert Downey Jr. holds third place in the rankings for the top ten highest-earning male actors with $66 million total earnings. His "Avengers" co-star Chris Hemsworth is at second place with $76 million and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in first position, with total earnings grossing up to $89.4 million.

Hollywood still hasn't been able to bring monetary parity. Nevertheless, women have come a long way. Within a year, the percentage of wealth acquired by women went up by 69% even though they are still lagging behind their male counterparts. Johansson's rise to the top ten has been a hell of a journey and her fans are eagerly waiting for her 2020 release.