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Scottish girl Aqsa Mahmood who joined Isis in Syria pledges British and American ‘bloods will be bpilled’ Reuters file photo

A 20-year-old girl from Glasgow who went to Syria to fight for militant groups has vowed to return to the UK and hoist the Isis black flag on the 13<sup>th anniversary of 9/11.

Aqsa Mahmood, a private school girl, who became a jihadist, posted her pro-Isis views in several instalments, but the Twitter account was later removed.

"The only time we will ever, ever return to those lands beithnillah [God willing] is to raise our flag. This is a war against Islam and it is know (sic) that either 'you're with them or with us.' So pick a side," the Twitter account under the name Umm Layth said, reported the Daily Mail.

Mahmood who went to Syria to fight for extremist groups last year, is believed to have married an Isis fighter and has been part of the militant group.

Asking other such Western nationals to travel to the conflict zones to participate in battles, Mahmood wrote: "My dear brothers and sisters who are stuck in the west and restrained due to the kufr [infidel] governments know that indeed the help of Allah is always near, have Sabr [patience] and know that you will never be tested beyond your ability."

"And to those who are able and can still make your way, please ittaqillah [fear Allah] and don't delay anymore, hasten hasten hasten to our lands and live in Izzah [honour] before it is made difficult for you. Know that these trialling times and do not miss out on any of the ajr [rewards]."

Last week, Mahmood's parents held a press conference urging her to return to the UK, but the call was snubbed by her.

The parents, Khalida Mahmood and Muzaffar Mahmood, said: "You have betrayed us, our community and the people of Scotland when you took this step. Aqsa, you have torn the heart out of our family and changed our lives forever, please come home."