Scottish Independence: Why Voting No Puts My Family and Business First IBTimes UK

Mike Marshall is a self-made businessman who has lived in Scotland for 14 years and plans to vote against independence on 18 September.

With a young family and a company he founded, EMD Agencies, in mind, he told IBTimes TV that voting No in the upcoming Scottish referendum is the only choice he has to protect the life he has cultivated in East Kilbride.

"The Yes campaign has effectively said 'don't worry, we know what we are doing' but it has not given any substantial economic facts to back up [these claims]," said Marshall, whose retail consultancy business involves selling furniture and interior accessories to hundreds of businesses across Scotland.

"All the Yes campaign has said, is that we should be in full control over our affairs. But if we go into a currency union like they hope for, our interest rates, financial regulation, tax and spend policies will still be dictated by the UK. That is not being in control."

Marshall said that the lack of clarity over major issues means he is almost forced to vote No because the Scottish National Party (SNP) have not delivered enough detail on how independence would work.

"Looking at Scotland's economic profile, it's clear that independence would be viable but it would take decades of renegotiation, economic uncertainty, austerity, and pain. Would it be any different to what we have now? No."