Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez wants Justin Bieber to make some major lifestyle changes Getty

American actress and singer Selena Gomez is ready to rekindle her romance with Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber if he is ready to cut off with his female friends.

According to Hollywood Life, the 22-year-old Come And Get It singer wants the Baby singer to "make some major lifestyle changes."

"[Justin] would have to lose the constant string of girls," a source said. "And then he will offer her heart again."

"Selena hates that Justin is friends with Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, two well-known men who have a history of abusing women," the source added.

"As much as she loves Justin to this day, she still has her reservations about getting back with him. He would have to change many of his ways to ever date her again. He would have to lose the friends that have a checkered past."

"Justin has been calling and texting Selena, giving her lots of compliments. It's been fun an flirty, but he really wants to see her in person," the insider said.

"Deep down Justin is lonely. He has plenty of people around him but not many that he's emotionally connected to. He asks her to come over, or suggests they meet up somewhere secretive, but she's not falling for it. She feels like he's just playing mind games. Selena isn't biting so far and has no plans on meeting with Justin. She is trying to focus on her career and knows seeing Justin, even just for dinner is a bad idea."

It was previously reported that Gomez and her rumoured boyfriend Russian-German music producer/DJ Zedd, have split.