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Selena Gomez hit back at Instagram user for making comments about her weight. Getty

American actress and singer Selena Gomez has allegedly responded to negative comments about her body weight on social media.

The 22-year-old Come And Get It singer slammed the Instagram user laurenlv94, after the critic mocked her about her weight.

The fan commented on the photo, saying: "Mmm...@selenagomez you need to work out! Please stop eating junk food."

"She is not curvy at all... She's an actress she needs to tone her body,in the business sadly the image its important i'm just saying that she needs to workout thats nothing wrong with that... @huggingselena_@selenagomez," the user added

"You're disgusting. IM IN the business and I could care less about what 'they' or you say I should look like. I don't need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends," Gomez responded.

"And I do work out. It's not your place to tell anyone what they should or should not do," she added.

The Canadian singer/songwriter does get affected by comments about her body weight.

"This is beyond Selena's control. Her weight fluctuates because of the corticosteroids she takes to treat her Lupus," an insider told Hollywood Life. "Her weight gain is not her fault."

"[Selena] says it's beyond frustrating and unimaginably hurtful when people blame the added weight to her eating junk food and not working out. She says haters need to wake-up and get a clue."

"She will continue to stick up for herself and confront the bullies. She feels like she represents a lot of young women who struggle with the same issues," the source added.