Simon Cowell has often wished for a "dog act" on "Britain's Got Talent" (BGT). This time, he got his wish.

According to the Daily Mail, the duo of Ashleigh Butler, 16, and her pet cross-breed, Pudsy, acted out a "charming" routine to the B-52's The Flintstones.

Cowell was apparently delighted to see Butler come on stage with the dog and asked her: "He's gorgeous. How old is he?"

Butler happily replied Pudsy was six and a gift she would always cherish. In fact, there was even a video shown of Butler being gifted Pudsy, a gift for her 11<sup>th birthday.

Cowell continued the banter with the duo, asking Butler, much to the audience's amusement, where she saw the two of them in a few years' time. Host David Walliams then caused even more hilarity when he suggested the Oscars.

"You know me, I love a dancing dog, and Pudsy is one of the best dancing dogs I've ever seen. My only criticism is I'd have put Pudsy in a prehistoric outfit as well. Do you think Pudsy would change if he won?" the delighted judge said, continuing to praise the duo.

The Butler-Pudsy combination has not only impressed Cowell but other judges and the host as well.

"Pudsy would dance for Simon but he would have to come to my house and practise. There would be no last minute training, he'd have to come and help me and put the hours in. I'm not having Simon show me up," Butler explained, in a Sun report.

"Everything about that was brilliant, the chemistry between the two of you was brilliant, well done," said David Walliams.

"You and Pudsy are adorable," Alesha Dixon gushed.

In truth, the duo's performance was rather magical (watch video here), with Pudsy matching Butler step for step. He jumped through Butler's arms and legs, stood on his hind legs dancing and pawing in tune and there were even times when he jumped atop his dance partner, surprising the audience and the judges. Twists and turns are clearly nothing new to this pooch.

With such good comments, it was little surprise the pair qualified so easily.

The question now is what will Pudsy do next?